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The taste and flavor of any tobacco product - be it cigarette, cigar, tobacco for chewing or snuffing are determined mainly by the natural taste and flavor of the tobacco leaves used for the manufacture of the product. In the practice of the tobacco products exist the following three cases of deviations from the quality of the manufactured tobacco:

  • Tobacco sorts with deficient taste-flavor qualities
  • Tobacco sorts with surplus taste-flavor qualities
  • Tobacco sorts that contain extra unfavorable taste-flavor qualities

These three deviations from the Standard can be corrected in two ways:

  • Through making successful mixtures of various tobacco sorts, or;
  • Through additional including of extra taste-flavour substances;
  • The improvement of the taste-flavor quality of the tobacco is reached with the help of sauces and flavors.
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Tobacco saucing aims at:

  • Improving the moisture-retaining qualities of the tobacco;
  • Improving the combustive and smoking qualities - i.e. improving the flavor and the taste of the tobacco smoke;
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The composition of the sauces includes moisture-retaining and taste-improving substances.

For the improvement of the taste of the tobacco smoke in the sauces are added sweetening substances in the form of plain sugar, honey, glucose, fruit syrups, fruit pulps etc. For the combustion of their combustion are obtained substances with acid reaction, which neutralize the proteins, nicotine, and the chlorophyll as well as other active alkali stuffs. Also obtained through the combustion, which cause the unpleasant taste of the tobacco smoke. In this way they regulate the smoke pH amounts thus improving the taste qualities and having an indirect effect on the flavor.

What is more, during the combustion caramelization takes place and favorable compositions are formed, which have a positive effect on the flavor. Another important ingredient of the sauces, which contributes for the taste and flavor improvement of the tobacco products are the extracts from various plants and fruits - for example these are extracts from Sweet root (Gluzerizia glabra), extracts from plums, morello cherries, raisins etc. Extracts from different tobacco sorts are also used for the taste and flavor improvement of the tobacco products.

Tobacco sauces are a mixture of tobacco substances, sweetening substances, fruit compositions, natural aromatic stuffs and preservatives.

We offer three types of sauces:

  • For tobacco saucing;
  • For tobacco toasting;
  • For tobacco softening

Expiration term: Six months after the date of production.

Means of preservation: in stores with temperatures from 5°C to 20°C away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

I. Tobacco Sauces for tobacco saucing:

  • TIR 91
  • ABH-31

Used for the production of sauced cigarettes and for the production of the so-called blended cigarettes. These cigarettes are manufactured from the Virginia, Burley, Orient and Maryland tobacco sorts.

The amounts of the various tobacco sorts are as follows:

  • Virginia 40-70%
  • Burley 10-30%
  • Orient 5-30%
  • Maryland up to 10%

Usually it is the Burley tobacco sort that is sauced but it is possible for the whole tobacco mixture to be sauced. The amount of the sauce is 2 - 6% and depends on the relation between the tobacco sorts in the mixture and on the taste-flavor qualities of the desired type of cigarettes.

II. Tobacco Sauces for toasting


Burley tobacco sort is toasted. In some cigarettes blends its content is too big and after the tobacco toasting it is baked in temperature higher than that of the saucing. Special production line is required for the toasting of tobacco.

  • Dosage: 1 - 5%

III. Tobacco Sauces for softening

  • GLUCOMEL - currentlyh on special order, not in regular production
  • LATAKIA - currentlyh on special order, not in regular production

Lighter sauces, designed to retain the tobacco moisture in optimal boundaries-about 12%

  • Dosage: 2 - 7%

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