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Fragrances for Detergents, Soaps, Perfumery and Cosmetics

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The Perfume compositions are mixtures of natural aromatic products, synthetic aromatic compounds, dilutors and modificators. The natural and synthetic aromatic compounds are the main carriers of the of the aroma of each perfume composition, and the dilutors and modificators facilitate the evenness of the emission.

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  • The Perfume compositions are clear oily liquids, soluble in alcohol, organic solvents and not soluble in water.
  • The Perfume compositions are in compliance of all limitations of IFRA and of the different natural and synthetic aromatic compounds. The recipe for each perfume composition is approved and registered for production according to Bulgarian laws and regulations and Ministry of Health.
  • The Perfume compositions are intended for aromatization of cosmetic products and household preparations.
Item # Description Order
30515 Perfume composition Hyacinth 10 ml On order
30517 Perfume composition Lilac 10 ml On order
30518 Perfume composition Milfoil 10 ml On order
30521 Perfume composition Chaia 10 ml On order
30522 Perfume composition Lemonia 10 ml On order
30523 Perfume composition Dragon 10 ml On order
30524 Perfume composition Breeze (green notes) 10 ml On order
30525 Perfume composition Alps (green notes) 10 ml On order
30526 Perfume composition Farena (flowery) 10 ml On order
30527 Perfume composition Borika (pine) 10 ml On order
30528 Perfume composition Kami (herbal notes) 10 ml On order
30530 Perfume composition Dahlia (citric notes) 10 ml On order
30531 Perfume composition Sahara (sweet vanilla notes) 10 ml On order
30532 Perfume composition Rila (pine green notes) 10 ml On order
30533 Perfume composition Lavander K 10 ml On order
30534 Perfume composition No 2 Musk melon 10 ml On order
30535 Perfume composition Orange TS 10 ml On order
30536 Perfume composition Florida (flowery notes) 10 ml On order
30537 Perfume composition Coco MM 10 ml On order
30538 Perfume composition Luxima (flowery notes) 10 ml On order
30540 Perfume composition No 29 Banana 10 ml On order
30541 Perfume composition Jonathan (fruity green notes) 10 ml On order
30545 Perfume composition Almond super 10 ml On order
30546 Perfume composition Belana roz (rose) 10 ml On order
30551 Perfume composition Chaika 10 ml On order
30571 Perfume composition Impulse 10 ml On order
Additional information:No limit on number of samples. We reserve the right to combine large samples volumes in increments of 100 ml, or 1 l.

General characteristics:

  Appearance: Free flowing transparent liquid
  Color: Specific for the product
  Aroma: Specific, pleasant
  Density, d 20/20: 0.820 - 1.280
  Coefficient of refraction, n 20/D: 1.4150 - 1.5500
  Transparency at 20°C: Absolute, Turbidity up 5°C
  Durability of aroma: Over 48 hours
  Expiration term: 24 months from production date

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