Fruit Essences Highly Concentrated Liquid Flavors

Fruit essences for soft drinks pastry and foods

The Fruit essences are intended for aromatizing of non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, sweet, chocolates and confectionary and pastry. The Bulgarian State Standard defines the fruit essences as highly-concentrated solutions. The solutions used in the manufacture of the fruit essences are ethyl alcohol and 1,2-propylenglycol.

Fruit Essences Highly Concentrated Liquid Flavors
  • The Fruit essences are harmonic combination of natural aromatic products and synthetic aromatic compounds.
  • All ingredients build in the recipe of the fruit essences are allowed for inclusion by FEMA. The whole recipe is approved by the Bulgarian laws and regulations and Ministry of Health.
  • Dosing and means of incorporation of the fruit essences depends on the products being aromatized.
Item # Description Concentration Order
30701 Fruit essence pineaple 10 ml   On order
30702 Fruit essence banana 10 ml 0.02 On order
30703 Fruit essence almond 10 ml 0.016-0.02 On order
30704 Fruit essence bergamot 10 ml   On order
30705 Fruit essence vanilla 10 ml 0.6 On order
30706 Fruit essence violet 10 ml   On order
30707 Fruit essence grape concord 10 ml 0.02-0.04 On order
30708 Fruit essence grapefruit 10 ml   On order
30709 Fruit essence etar 10 ml   On order
30710 Fruit essence apricot 10ml 0.06 On order
30711 Fruit essence coffee 10 ml 0.02 On order
30712 Fruit essence coconut 10ml 0.01 On order
30713 Fruit essence cognac 10 ml 0.04 On order
30714 Fruit essence pear 10ml 0.06 On order
30715 Fruit essence lemon 10ml 0.02-0.03 On order
30716 Fruit essence raspberry-97 10 ml 0.016-0.02 On order
30717 Fruit essence peppermint 24% 10 ml   On order
30718 Fruit essence orange 10 ml 0.03 On order
30719 Fruit essence rose 10 ml 0.06 On order
30720 Fruit essence rose 24% 10 ml   On order
30721 Fruit essence rum 10 ml 0.04 On order
30722 Fruit essence cider 10 ml 0.02-0.03 On order
30723 Fruit essence tutti-frutti 10 ml   On order
30724 Fruit essence chocolate 10 ml   On order
30725 Fruit essence apple 10ml 0.02 On order
30726 Fruit essence strawberry 10ml 0.06 On order
30727 Natuaral anethole 10 ml   On order

Additional information: No limit on number of samples. We reserve the right to combine large samples volumes in increments of 100 ml, or 1 l.

Concentration* - Suggested concentrations for non-alcoholic beverages.

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