Hydrosols Hydro Distilled by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd

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Flower waters the ultimate skin and hair care

We offer Organic, Conventional and BioCell (obtained by lyophilisation) flower waters from Bulgarian origin. Not a by-product from essential oils distillation. There are no synthetic dilutors or aromatic compounds added. Not testsed on animals. Specifically distilled for purity and cosmetic applications.

Flower waters hydro distilled

Our hydrosols are:

  • NOT HYDROLATS obtained as a by-product from essential oil distillation.

Hydrosols the traditional aromatics

Hydro distilled from fresh plant material during the maturity season of the plants. Strict technical specifications by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for standardization. Specifically distilled from fresh plant material utilizing proprietary technologies. They are unique products resulting from the tradition and specialization of the company.

The standard practice

Traditional flower waters from plants from the Bulgarian flora following traditions in the distillation processes. Obtained from plantations and gardens owned by us, maintained by us and distilled in own distilleries. Obtained from ecologically clean areas in Bulgarian Rose Valley. Large capacity distillation abilities for some 21 or more plant varieties.

Advanced orders accepted before distillation season

Advanced orders accepted on contract basis at a special usually much lower price than regularly distilled waters.

1. Conventional; 2. No alcohol, with preservative; 3. No alcohol, No preservatives; 4. Organic. 5. Dry freeze obtained waters.

Flower waters could be distilled on order:

  1. No alcohol. Preservative of choice is added: approximately 36 months shelf life depending on the preservative.
  2. No alcohol and no preservatives: 18 months shelf life approximately.
  3. Organically certified flower waters - EU certification bodyes, USDA, and JAS.
  4. And, of course, the no compromise conventional hydrosols.
  5. Flower waters obtained through freeze drying of plant material.

Minimum special order is 1,000 kg (~2,205 lbs).

The preservatives

The type of preservative is determined by the customer depending on the regulations in the destination country and the application of the product – cosmetics and skin application, or internal application.

The preservatives do not affect the quality of the hydrosol; do not change the aroma, color, or content of the biologically active components.

Allergic reactions

To-date allergic reactions from the hydrosols of the company have not been determined or recorded. Theoretically, the content of the hydrosol excludes allergic reactions on the human body. The main ingredient in the flower waters – the essential oil is in low concentration and practically does not pose any danger even in people that may have allergic reactions towards a particular essential oil in its original form.


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