Essential Oils Hydro Distilled by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd

Exceptional essential oils from Bulgarian origin by the keeper of the tradition of the Bulgarian aromatics industry. Unmatched quality and properties because of tradition and unique and diverse Bulgarian flora with climatic and geographical conditions feeding plants rich in biologically active compounds.

Essential oils by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd

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Hydro distilled with proprietary technologies and methodologies under GMP conditions in our own distilleries in organic and conventional variety. Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. The plant material is heated in order for the it to release the contained in the plant aromatic compounds. The resulting oil is collected and further perfected. Produced seasonally from March to September of each year depending on the plant's maturity phase.

Essential oils by Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd

Basil oil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Basil oil is obtained from Ocimum Basillicum.

Clary Sage oil (Salvia sclarea)

Clary sage oil is obtained from Salvia sclarea.

Coriander oil (Coriandrum sativum)

Coriander oil is obtained from Coriandrum sativum.

Dill herb oil (Anaetum graveolens)

Dill herb oil is hydro distilled from Anethum graveolens.

Estragon oil (Artemisia draconculus)

Estragon oil is obtained from Artemisia dracunculus.

Fir Needle oil (Abis alba)

Fir Needle oil is obtained from Abies alba.

Galbanum oil (Ferula ceratophylla / Regee sohmalhausen)

Galbanum oil is obtained from Ferula ceratophylla or Reggae schumalhausen.

Geranium oil from Pelagronium graveolens pic

Geranium oil is obtained from fresh plant material of Pelagronium graveolens.

Hyssop oil (Hyssopus officinalis)

Hyssop oil is obtained from Hyssopus officinalis.

Lavender oil (Lavandula vera)

Lavender oil is obtained from Bulgarian Lavandula vera.

Linden oil (Tilia cordata)

Linden oil is obtained from Bulgarian Tilia cordata Mill.

Melissa oil (Melissa officinalis)

Melissa oil also known as Common Balm, or Lemon Balm oil is hydro distilled from Melissa officinalis.

Pine oil (Pinus silvestris sibirica)

Pine oil is obtained from Pinus silvestris sibirica.

Rose oil (Rosa damascena)

Rose oil is obtained from the Bulgarian Rosa damascena P. Miller.

Smoke Tree oil (Cotinus coggygria)

Smoke Tree oil is obtained from the annual plant Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggygria). Also known as Sumach oil.

Tansy oil (Tanacetum vulgare)

Tansy oil is obtained from fresh or dried blossoms of Tansy (Tanaetum vulgare).

Thyme oil (Thymus serpyllum)

Thyme oil is obtained from common Thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.).

Vetiver oil (Vetiveria Zizanioides)

Vetiver oil is obtained from Vetiveria Zizanioides.

Wormwood oil (Artemisia annua)

Wormwood oil is obtained from the leafy parts of Artemisia annua.

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