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From the famous essential oils, the finest of flower waters, absolutes and concretes we have developed other fine aromatics for the food and flavorindustries fruit essences, perfume compositions, tobacco sauces. Aromatherapy line of essential oils.

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FRUIT ESSENCES: For soft and alcoholic drinks, pastry products, sugar products and milk foods. Fruit essences are intended for aromatizing of non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, sweet, chocolates and confectionary and pastry. The Bulgarian State Standard defines the fruit essences as highly-concentrated solutions. The solutions used in the manufacture of the fruit essences are ethyl alcohol and 1,2-propylenglycol.

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FLOWER WATERS: The flower waters distilled by the Bulgarian Rose Co. are not Hydrosols or Hydrolats, nor are Byproducts from essential oil distillation. The Flower waters produced by Bulgarian Rose Co. are steam distilled from fresh plant material during the collection season of the plants, Strict technical specifications prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for technological distillation.

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TOBACCO SAUCES and Fragrances for the Tobacco Industry! The taste and flavor of any tobacco product - be it cigarette, cigar, tobacco for chewing or snuffing are determined mainly by the natural taste and flavor of the tobacco leaves used for the manufacture of the product. In the practice of the tobacco products exist the following three cases of deviations from the quality of the manufactured tobacco: Tobacco sorts with deficient taste-flavor qualities; Tobacco sorts with surplus taste-flavor qualities; Tobacco sorts that contain extra unfavorable taste-flavor qualities.

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FRAGRANCES„ for Detergents, Soaps, Perfumery and Cosmetics. the Perfume compositions are mixtures of natural aromatic products, synthetic aromatic compounds, dilutors and modificators. The natural and synthetic aromatic compounds are the main carriers of the of the aroma of each perfume composition, and the dilutors and modificators facilitate the evenness of the emission.

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