Absolutes Concentrated Aromatic Extracts

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The lower molecular weight fragrant compounds are extracted from the concrete into ethanol. The resulting material after the evaporation of the ethanol is the absolute. The advantage of the absolutes is that they are more concentrated and because the plant material is not subjected to high temperatures more of the aromatic compounds are preserved. However, complete elimination of the solvents is not possible and solvent traces may be found in the absolute.

Decoration line Rose absolute

Rose absolute is clear transparent liquid with orange-red color and aroma specific of roses. It is obtained from Rose concrete.

Lavender absolute

Lavender absolute is a thin clear fluid with yellow-green color and aroma specific to lavender. It is obtained from Lavender concrete.

Tobacco absolute

Tobacco absolute is a dense liquid with dark-brown to black-brown color with thin layer pale brown with sometimes greenish nuance and intensive aroma of tobacco. It is obtained from tobacco concrete.

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The absolutes are concentrated aromatic oily mixture extracted from plants through the use of solvent extraction. Typical solvents used are hexane and petroleum ether. Absolutes are obtained from concretes a wax like mass obtained through adding solvents to the plant material. Some waxes as leftover material from the production of absolute is also usable material rich in valuable aromatic compounds.


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