Conventional and Organic (Ceres, USDA & JAS) aromatics by the ultimate of distilleries - The Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc: essential oils, flower waters, dried herbs. Supply on large scale, but we serve small proprietors in cosmetics, perfumery and industry. Extensive experience and capabilities.

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Advanced orders for Conventional, Organic essential oils

Advanced orders for essential oils are offered by Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. in association with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd. Lower price for ordering early. Minimal deposit per 1 kg oil required. Some 21 varieties of oils conventional and organic.

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What aromatic materials we offer? What are they?

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ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. In this case hydro distillations are preformed using fresh plant material. The plant material is heated in order for the it to release the contained in the plant aromatic compounds. The resulting oil is collected and further perfected. The oils are produced seasonally from March to September of each year depending on the corresponding plant's maturity phase.

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ABSOLUTES: The absolutes are concentrated aromatic oily mixture extracted from plants through the use of solvent extraction. Typical solvents used are hexane and petroleum ether. Absolutes are obtained from concretes - wax like mass obtained through adding solvents to the plant material. The lower molecular weight fragrant compounds are extracted from the concrete into ethanol. The resulting material after the evaporation of the ethanol is the absolute.

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CONCRETES: Concretes are obtained through the use of an organic solvent mixed with plant material. The resulting material is a wax like mass used in cosmetics, but whose primary use is to obtain absolutes.

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FRUIT ESSENCES: For soft and alcoholic drinks, pastry products, sugar products and milk foods. Fruit essences are intended for aromatizing of non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, sweet, chocolates and confectionary and pastry. The Bulgarian State Standard defines the fruit essences as highly-concentrated solutions. The solutions used in the manufacture of the fruit essences are ethyl alcohol and 1,2-propylenglycol.

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AROMATHERAPY OILS: Aromatherapy is a natural method for relieving and eliminating many sufferings. Its effect is due to the delivery of pure essential oils in the human body through various forms of application- baths, massages, aromatic lamps, specialized and home cosmetics as well as by using aromas as nutritive supplements or for air-fresheners.

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FLOWER WATERS: The flower waters distilled by the Bulgarian Rose Co. are not Hydrosols or Hydrolats, nor are Byproducts from essential oil distillation. The Flower waters produced by Bulgarian Rose Co. are steam distilled from fresh plant material during the collection season of the plants, Strict technical specifications prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for technological distillation.

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